What can a man do alone?

What can a man do alone?

Nothing amazing can be done alone.

Even the relatively unremarkable like a simple pencil took the cooperation of hundreds if not thousands of men.

The pencil is made of wood.

The wood was gathered from a tree cut by a man with a tool called the saw.

The saw was made out of steel, which was made out of iron.

The iron was gathered in a mine.

Each process requires tens, hundreds of thousands of men working in cooperation and built off the backs of inventions, tools and discoveries of even more men.

And we've only spoken about the wood of a simple pencil.

The pencil has rubber, brass, graphite, yellow paint.

It was shipped and delivered to you or the store you bought it from.

Someone built an entire ship for your pencil.

An entire dock.

Each piece, part and even the way to get it into your hands is an ever-expanding culmination of the manpower that was required to make it possible.

A pencil takes hundreds of thousands of people to make.

A simple pencil.

NOTHING is done alone.

There is no effective one-man army.

There is no tool you use, or thing you see that can be attributed to one single man.

You can't do ANYTHING alone.

The only way you will ever amount to anything of substance.

The only way you will ever MOVE the world in any direction.

Is with a team.

So choose your team wisely.

And when you understand that you want THE BEST team.

by Andrew Tate in The Tate Newsletter 2024.06.01