Online Meetings Are Better Meetings

How Online Meetings are Making Everybody Better at Meetings

Plenty of resources available about meetings productivity, which, even if read by many of us, sometimes are simply forgotten or simply difficult to implement without proper motivation or cultural change.

But due to the present day situation of the entire world, online meetings are now the norm and just after a couple weeks of global adoption I have just noticed there are few things that are making everybody better at meetings.

Hopefully, a few months from now, all these achievements will be transposed and applied to the more traditional face to face meetings.

Here are 4 improvements to meetings that I have personally witnessed:

1 - Everybody shows up on time

No more waiting for the late comers or even waiting for the room to clear from a previous meeting.

2 - Everybody respects when others are talking

Respect and interest has increased when others are talking, mostly due to the technological side of whatever platform you use, multiple people talking at the same time makes it hard to understand anything at all.

3 - Everybody is more straight to the point

Technology is fast but human interaction is faster in delivering messages, as a consequence people's speech during online meetings becomes naturally optimised for delivering the highest impact.

4 - No side talks happening

Technology can mimic reality in a lot of aspects, but side talking it’s simply just one thing that doesn’t work online like it does in real life. Ok, yes you can simultaneously “chat” privately but it’s noiseless.

Overall, people just got better at respecting their own time and everybody else's time.

Hopefully, hereafter, this new way of being at meetings will transpose to yours future face to face meetings.

Have a nice meeting.

Let me know in the comments what other improvements have you noticed with online meetings?

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