A different view on Budgets

Here goes a different approach to viewing Budgets.

A Budget ain't about a company.

A Budget isn't simply about profit or loss or any other numeric metric.

A Budget is much more.

As someone once told me... a Budget is about People.

A Budget is about how much you fire or you hire for the next year(s).

A Budget is about how much comfort you will be able to share with your People.

A Budget is about smiles and cries.

A Budget is about the responsibility you have to your People.

Invest the time and resources to think it through. Do it properly. Do it well.

Be responsible and be careful about other people's life.

A Budget isn't just numbers.

A Budget is about People.

“Used correctly, a budget doesn’t restrict you; it empowers you.” – Tere Stouffer.

This article is sort of a republishing of my LinkedIn post you can find here https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jmrodrigueslopes_budgets-responsibility-budget-activity-6864112801074487296-KmKK . Surprisingly it got a great reaction.

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